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Collection & Disposal Services

Interactive Trading Solutions provides quality collection services to Industrial businesses as well as homes.


Using the industry’s largest selection of skip waste bins, roll-off containers and compactors, our safe and friendly drivers provide clean and dependable waste and recycling collection, while our professional customer service staff is trained and standing by to answer all of your service-related questions.

In most areas, commercial collection services are integrated with our company’s landfill disposal services to help control costs and ensure that your waste will be disposed of in a manner that meets or exceeds all local, provincial and governmental environmental regulations.

Recycling Services 


Interactive Trading Solutions is pioneering and putting into action the latest in innovative sorting technologies – making recycling programs easy and cost effective for commercial accounts. We offer commercial single-stream recycling, e-waste / eCycling or shredding.

Reduce your facility’s waste disposal costs by recycling your non-hazardous wastes. Interactive Trading Solutions can help you by finding new markets for your unused or scrap paper products, metal, glass, plastic and other industrial refuse.

Contact Interactive Trading Solutions to learn more about our innovative industrial recycling solutions and let us customize a recycling plan for your facility.

Tipper & Bobcat Services

This specialized service is for anyone who may have more than about 18 cubes of Waste = ( 3 x Skip Loads )

The Tippers are dispatched out with a Bobcat to load up the waste, saving you on time and extra labor. Whether it be builders, rubble or soil and vegetation. The service does work out more cost effective in certain areas depending on distance and Local Authority Disposal Costs.


Hazardous Waste Removal

We can assist you with all your hazardous and chemical waste requirements such as by offering:

  • Site Assessment’s and Clean up.

  • Safe and Supervised Disposal of Redundant Goods ie: Food, Chemical and Pyrot Products.

  • Dangerous Goods Transportation

  • Liquid Waste – Super Sucker Services and Sealed Drum Services.

  • Ensuring the Correct Identification and Classification of Hazardous Waste.

  • Keep Hazardous Waste from entering the environment illegally.

  • Implement “ Cradle to Grave” principals by means of planned Waste Management.

  • Control Hazardous Waste until it is safely disposed of at a registered land-fill site.

  • Provide you with a Safe Disposal Certificate as require by Law.

  • IBC – 750L to 1 000L  Liquid Bulk Storage Container available.

Aerosol Can Depressurisation 

There are very limited recourses available in South Africa when it comes to the depressurisation of aerosol cans, hens the Minimum By Laws for safe disposal of aerosol cans. By law cans are required to go to a Registered Hazardous Landfill site and for them to first be de pressurized.

Interactive Trade Solutions have a patent model that punctures the can, captures the obnoxious gasses and extracts the liquid contents in the can, dispensing it then into a drum which is disposed of at the HH (highly hazardous) Landfill site. As with all Hazardous waste streams the client in return will be issued a Certificate of recognission by DEAT or DWAF that there waste is safely treated and disposed of according to all Legal Requirements as Gazetted is the S.A. By Laws.